Excellent story for “Going Green” “Energy Conservation” “Local Business” “Education” etc.?

Tint Shark of Bradenton donates Solar Control Window Film installation worth over $1800 to AMIkids Manatee School in Palmetto.  AMIkids is a non-profit school that works closely with the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Manatee County School system. This was a collaboration of energy conservation, student education, and corporate generosity that will hopefully influence public awareness towards the benefits of Solar Control Window Film.

SunTek offered to donate all the window film and educational planning help was provided by the IWFA (International Window Film Association). The IWFA donated 20 Flat Glass Training manuals used for Solar Control Specialist Accreditation.  Tint Shark also applied for an FPL rebate seeing the installation met the FPL guidelines.

The School’s Science Teacher created a special lesson plan utilizing the manuals and FPL’s rebate requirements.  This helped the students become familiar with solar energy, glass and glazing systems, solar control window film, safety and security window film, plus the students learned how to properly measure windows and calculate square footage so they could properly estimate inventory needs.  After the students had time to digest the lessons learned from the training manuals Paul Mello, owner of Tint Shark, came into the school for a “questions and answers” session, during this time with the students he asked if there were any students that were familiar with window tinting, most responded positively, but only in reference to auto tinting.  The students seemed very interested in learning about window film, especially because it pertained to an industry outside of the ones taught in public schools today.

The final phase of the project was the installation. Paul Mello, along with his oldest son Nicholas, volunteered their time and labor to install the film. The total installation took approximately 2 days and they allocated the last couple of hours to be a student participation phase. Some of the “well behaved” students were allowed to leave their classrooms and watch the installation up close and there were many that actually wanted some “hands-on” experience using tools during the installation.   They may have sparked an interest in a few students to pursue window tinting as a career.

            Energy Conservation was the main goals for this project and they accomplished that through theinstallation        of  SunTek DRDS window film. This film will reduce up to 75% of the sun’s heat from coming through the glass, 99% of harmful UV rays, annoying glare, and it will allow the staff and students to enjoy the outside view instead of closing the blinds and feeling boxed in.

Contact Paul Mello at Tint Shark for more information, they are located at 4235 60th ST W, Bradenton, FL 34209 or call 941-448-7495 visit their website

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 I know it sounds tempting to have someone come to your home or business to install window tint on your car or truck but I must comment on the potential hazards that may arise:
     *Most important is Who is the person coming to your home, are they of good moral character, do you trust them, are they insured etc?
     *What kind of product are they installing, each USA manufacturer has a range of products that are Good Better & Best (good costs  50% less than Best) if they are using an Asian product then that can be as much as 50% less than the lowest priced USA product?
     *When a problem arises with the tint how do you find that Mobile tint company, will they be in the yellow pages, on google, or are they a fly by night tinter on Craigslist?

 I am only writing this because I was reading my Living Social email and noticed a "Deal" for Mobile window tinting for $35 for 2 windows so I did a little research and went to the tint companies website and found no mention of "Who" the owner is or where they are based, there is no "About Us" page on their site just a very generic site with limited information. This company services areas in Naples to Tampa and all the way over to Orlando, and they offer Car Audio & Detailing plus other services??? 

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    I purchased a living social gift certificate for my daughter to have her windows tinted. It was $89.00. We have now wasted a month of back and forth, VERY RUDE customer service. They have made numerous appointments and never showed. They have also failed to cancel any of these appointments. I called living social and they stated the merchant was already paid for this service and has marked the gift certificate as redeemed! This was NEVER redeemed because they never showed up! I have reported this to the BBB. Obviously they have a HUGE issue! Directly on the BBB website it states that they have contacted them in 12-2012 for a response as to what they have done to handle all of the customer complaints. They have also failed to reply to the BBB. Amazing! This is a HUGE scam! Do NOT deal with this company at all! We are in the TAMPA area, be cautious they have numerous locations and every single one is linked together as 1 company. This company needs to shut down! They are thieves!!

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    If I could give this business less than one start I would! I called to make an appointment and I ask them what they they are available they tell me almost 2 weeks from the day I call and I schedule no problem for a morning appointment. The day arrive while am waiting home they don't call me until the afternoon to let me know they cant do it that day (a Monday) and if they can reschedule for Wednesday. I say no problem that am available but to please call me on Tuesday and let me know a time so I make sure to keep that time available. They don't call me Tuesday and I have to call at 6 and after 3 phone calls they finally answer and say they are going to be there early afternoon Wednesday. Wednesday come and go and again I have to call them to find out where they are. Again calling lots of time until they answer and again they say they are not going to make it but they can come Saturday. I tell them that any time Saturday they can do it because I am was just going to wait for it to be done. Not surprising they do not show up or Call and when I call them at 6:30 same excuse and want to reschedule . I wasted a week of my time with this people don't waste yours.


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